• — What is CIRKAY?

    CIRKAY is the social commerce platform used by creators and brands to deliver content and experiences to their followers and fans. Created by Push Entertainment, CIRKAY brings two decades’ experience of eCommerce and customer care for leading global brands and creators.

  • — What is a CIRKAY Fan Pass?

    Your CIRKAY Fan Pass is the digital key that provides access to content and experiences that are yours. It is unique to you so please keep your login details safe. You sign up for it using an email address and password, you can use your Google or Apple login credentials if you wish.

  • — Is my CIRKAY Fan Pass an NFT?

    Your CIRKAY Fan Pass is a unique type of Utility NFT programmed to grant access to content which is stored directly on the Blockchain. It’s different from the more common type of NFT which points to a particular piece of insecure content on the internet. The CIRKAY Fan Pass is not currently on the Ethereum mainnet, it is not intended to be traded and it is therefore not a speculative investment. This is not about making a quick buck, but about fans getting closer to the content you want.

    However, since the CIRKAY Fan Pass is based on the same underlying technology (ERC-721) as other NFTs, it does open the door to using it as an NFT Avatar for other services outside CIRKAY. If you are a Twitter Blue subscriber, for example, we are planning to allow you to use your CIRKAY Fan Pass as your social avatar, and we will unveil more places where you can use your Avatar in the coming months.

  • — How do I access my CIRKAY Fan Pass?

    You will create a secure and easy-to-use digital media wallet through Eluvio, and when you claim your Fan Pass, your content will be instantly accessible in that wallet.

  • — What do I need to create my wallet?

    You just need to set up a username and password to access your wallet. Alternatively, you can use your Apple or Google account.

  • — Where can I find my CIRKAY Fan Pass?

    Your CIRKAY Fan Pass is in your Eluvio Wallet. To find it follow these steps:

    1. Go to www.cirkay.com
    2. Click ‘Log into Wallet’ in the top right corner
    3. Log in using the credentials you used to set up your wallet
    4. You are now in your Wallet
    5. Click ‘My Items’ in the top right corner
    6. Your CIRKAY Fan Pass will be displayed.
    7. You can filter your Items using the setting in the top of the page.
  • — I’ve lost my password, what do I do?

    You can reset your account password by clicking ‘Don’t remember your password?’ at the bottom of the login page.

  • — Do I need to own cryptocurrency to get the CIRKAY Fan Pass?

    No, you do not need any cryptocurrency to purchase or use the Fan Pass. Your order is placed using GBP and you will then receive a link to claim your Fan Pass.

  • — What is minting?

    Minting is the process of adding the CIRKAY Fan Pass to the blockchain where it will be permanently recorded. When you claim your Fan Pass it will be minted and added directly to your Eluvio wallet.

  • — Do I need an app to view the Fan Pass content?

    No, you access your Fan Pass content via your browser on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • — Can I download the content in the Fan Pass content to view offline?

    No, the content is only accessible online within your Eluvio wallet via your browser.

  • — Can I give my Fan Pass to someone else?

    Your Fan Pass  is solely yours and cannot be transferred to someone else’s wallet. That’s what makes it exclusive!

  • — Have I joined a mailing list?

    If you ticked the checkbox when purchasing the vinyl saying you wanted to join the mailing list, then yes. If you did not tick the box, then you have not been signed up to a mailing list.

  • — If I have joined, who has my data?

    All mailing lists are creator-specific (which means they are linked only to the brand you signed up to). The subscriptions are processed by CIRKAY’s parent company, Push Entertainment Ltd, who hold a ISO27001 BSI Certification for Information Security Management. Our Privacy Policy is here. If you have any questions about the handling of your data, please email privacy@pushsupport.com and our team will be happy to help.

  • — Environmental impact

    The CIRKAY Fan Pass is created on the Eluvi Content Fabric, a low impact blockchain created exclusively for content creators. It stores and distributes video & audio in a fundamentally different way to current platforms. This results in a high quality video, audio & Fan Engagement experience, whilst consuming only a fraction of the power and resources of platforms like Netflix or Spotify.

    If you want to get technical, Eluvio is a ‘proof of authority’ blockchain consuming around 1/50th of the power Netflix uses to stream video. Minting an NFT on Eluvio is also ultra-lightweight and takes only 10% of the CPU power it takes to deliver an hour of video.

    So in context, minting 1 NFT on the Eluvio blockchain uses 1/500th of the CPU power of watching an hour on Netflix. That equates to 0.2g of CO2. Compare this to posting a photo on Instagram which emits 0.15g of CO2, and scrolling your Instagram newsfeed for 1 minute which emits 1.5g of CO2.

    CIRKAY and  parent company Push Entertainment have been on a sustainability journey since March 2021, our aim is to make our whole business carbon neutral. You can follow our progress here.

  • — Can I trade my NFT?

    No – or at least, not yet. The NFT investment market is a bubble that needs to settle and find its place. We do not think the time is right to open up to the Ethereum mainnet and general trading, but we may do so in the future when we believe it could deliver long-term value to our customers.

  • — I haven’t received an email to claim my Fan Pass, what do I do?

    Please check your spam/junk/promotions folder.

  • — I entered the wrong email address at checkout, what do I do?

    Please contact our Customer Care team with the following information:

    1. Your order number
    2. The incorrect email address entered
    3. The correct email address
  • — Which wallet can I mint my Fan Pass to?

    Currently, the Fan Pass can be minted to a CIRKAY wallet powered by Eluvio or connected to your MetaMask wallet. In the near future more wallet options will be made available.