Who is CIRKAY?

CIRKAY works with the creator and entertainment industries to create evolving fan engagement experiences. We provide self-service tools that allow creators to have a deeper connection with their fans.

We are UK based but work with creative companies all around the world.

Can I trust CIRKAY?

In a word, YES. CIRKAY is owned by Push Entertainment who work with some of the largest companies around including Universal Music, SONY, Hachette and creatives such as Gals Who and Joe Sugg.

Push was founded in 2004 and you can find out more about Push & CIRKAY by checking us out on our socials:

Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn

What about my data?

We will only ask for the bare minimum of data to allow you to enjoy the product that you have purchased. CIRKAY’s parent company, Push Entertainment Ltd, holds an ISO27001 BSI Certification for Information Security Management and handles millions of consumer records every year for leading entertainment brands.

About Our Products

What is a CIRKAY Fan Pass®?

The CIRKAY Fan Pass® is a digital key that provides fans with access to rewards and benefits both online and in real life. This can be videos, audio, images, articles, special offers, products, giveaways, events and much more.

Every Fan Pass® experience is unique - the creator decides what content and experiences it will unlock.

What is the CIRKAY Fan Pass® Shopify App?

The Fan Pass® Shopify App enables to you to create and sell a Fan Pass® and configure the benefits it can unlock on your store. The app is designed to be completely self-serve so that you can set up and run your own Fan Pass® campaign within a few hours. You can find out more here.

How do I get started?

Fan Pass® is a Shopify app, you simply install it on your store, create your Fan Pass®, configure the benefits and it's ready to go! Click here to get started.

How do I get access?

Fans claim their Fan Pass® via our partner Magic Link using an email address. To unlock a Fan Pass® benefit they simply enter their email address and receive a unique login code to connect.

Do fans need to download a separate app to get access?

No, the experience is accessible via a mobile or desktop browser.

Can content be downloaded to enjoy offline?

No, unless expressly made clear, the content is not accessible offline, this is to protect the exclusivity of the content.

What is a Living Album®?

The CIRKAY Living Album® is for music fans. It combines music with additional content and benefits to deliver an evolving experience to fans, telling the story of the release over time. It uses our Fan Pass® technology to secure access and ownership.

The Technology

Is a Fan Pass® an NFT?

Under the hood, a Fan Pass® is a non-tradeable or transferable NFT. It is minted on the Polygon Blockchain and is unique to the owner.

Included with it is a unique wallet provided by Magic which is used to connect and access offers.

There is no financial risk associated with this NFT as it cannot be traded as a security.

Does a fan need to own cryptocurrency to buy a CIRKAY product?

No, fans do not need any cryptocurrency to purchase or use a CIRKAY product. Their order is placed on a store using fiat currency (GBP/USD etc) just like any other product and they will then receive an email with a link to claim their product.

What is a Magic Wallet address?

A Magic Wallet address is a unique combination of letters and numbers. Fans do not need this to be able to connect their Fan Pass®, they simply enter their email address and the login code they receive.

Can I transfer a Fan Pass® to another person?

No, a Fan Pass® is non-transferable.

What about the environmental impact?

Fan Pass® runs on the Polygon blockchain, a highly efficient system which is committed to sustainability.

One transaction on the Polygon blockchain requires around 0.00562 Wh, equivalent to 0.00217g CO2 footprint. Compare that to posting a tweet, which is estimated to have a footprint of 0.2g CO2.

Click here for more information on Polygon’s sustainability.

Are Fan Pass® owners automatically added to a mailing list?

Receiving insider updates is 'baked in' to the Fan Pass® offering, meaning that Fan Pass® owners can be contacted about their Fan Pass® benefits in future.

Store owners will need to maintain their contact list for Fan Pass® activity in accordance with their own privacy policy. CIRKAY does not take responsibility for Fan Pass® D2C communications.

If I have joined, who has my data?

All mailing lists are creator-specific (which means they are linked only to the creator the fan signed up to). These are managed via the creator's store and therefore CIRKAY and its parent company Push Entertainment Ltd do not have access to that data. Any Fan Pass® Shopify app subscriptions are processed by CIRKAY’s parent company, Push Entertainment Ltd, who hold a ISO27001 BSI Certification for Information Security Management. Our Privacy Policy is here. If you have any questions about the handling of your data, please email privacy@pushsupport.com. and our team will be happy to help.

I Need Help With an Issue

I'm having trouble using the CIRKAY Fan Pass® Shopify app, what do I do?

If you have any questions, we recommend you first take a look at our Help Centre. If you can't find an answer there, our Merchant Support team is happy to help, they are available via email at support@cirkay.com.

What if a fan loses their email confirmation?

If they have already claimed their Fan Pass® they just need to go to the page on the store or site where they purchased it from to log in.

If they have lost their email with instructions on how to claim their product, they should contact the store where they purchased their Fan Pass® from.

What if a fan forgets the email they used to claim their Fan Pass®?

Fans simply need to search their inbox for an email from Fan Pass® to find which email address they used to log in to their Magic Wallet again.