CIRKAY | Putting creators in control

— putting creators in control

The CIRKAY Fan Pass

  • — the home for all your creative artefacts
  • — attract and reward your true fans

the CIRKAY Fan Pass is a personalised Utility NFT giving your fans access to special content - audio, videos, games, digital art and more besides, free material that's not available to those without the Fan Pass, premium content they can purchase on top. The content is fully protected and you can even allow resale on terms that you set

CIRKAY Marketplace

  • — where you can share and sell all types of digital content
  • — CIRKAY Marketplace is built on ELUVIO, the content blockchain

CIRKAY Marketplace allows your fans to access your own undiluted content direct, from albums and videos to interviews and NFTs. You control what happens to your content not only when you first sell it, but also what happens after

With CIRKAY the creator is always in control

— it's low cost and efficient
— low impact and environmentally responsible
— you have complete creative control
— state of the art content protection

Come and Join Us

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Cirkay Fan Pass for The Amazons now available
Cirkay Fan Pass for The Amazons now available