CIRKAY Fan Pass announces metaverse partnership with NOWHERE

27 June 2022

This partnership allows music fans to access more experiences with and content from their favourite acts.

Following the release of the UK’s first chart eligible NFT, CIRKAY is thrilled to announce a partnership with NOWHERE, the innovative face-to-face video chat metaverse delivering the most realistic feeling of being present in a shared experience online.

The partnership allows holders of CIRKAY’s ground-breaking Fan Pass to access private metaverse spaces, where artists can hold meet and greets, premiere music videos, host online festivals or allow super fans to create their own gatherings in VIP areas. NOWHERE’s fully customizable three-dimensional environments can be designed to reflect the artist’s unique brand and creative identity. NOWHERE’s web3 platform fosters a sense of community where artists can feature video, music, live streams, and more.

NOWHERE’s Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, Meredith Gardner says:

NOWHERE is thrilled to team with CIRKAY, known for delivering incredible online experiences for artists and their fans, on their Fan Pass venture. Together we will be bringing exciting, immersive, virtual experiences to music fans worldwide. In collaboration with artists and their teams, we are excited to unlock new opportunities to connect fans and additional revenue streams.” 

CIRKAY co-founder, Simon Scott says:
“This is the first of many utility partnerships, and we’re excited to add NOWHERE to our pioneering Fan Pass. These experiences will deepen the possibilities for artist-to-fan and fan-to-fan engagement in online environments. Everything we do at CIRKAY is about valuing loyalty and allowing true fans to access content and experiences, whilst being able to authenticate their identity. Our goal is not to be a platform but to allow music fans to connect wherever makes sense to them”

As well as acting like an AAA pass, allowing entrance to exclusive metaverse experiences, the CIRKAY Fan Pass (which is a unique type of web3 utility token), is programmed to grant access to content which is stored on the Blockchain.

The Fan Pass frees artists from chasing the algorithmic attention economy of Web2 platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and they can open up their archives of high quality audio, 4K video, photography, eBooks, and more. Musicians can also have an ongoing fanclub-like connection, airdropping files, hosting 4K live streams, offering Fan Pass-only discounts, and more. This added value and functionality means fans can get a deeper and longer lasting experience of a record with expansive and enriching content or turn their tour programme into an ongoing experience.

Fan Passes are sold from an artist ecommerce store or on the CIRKAY Marketplace powered by Eluvio’s eco-friendly blockchain technology, the same blockchain being used by the likes of Dolly Parton’s Dollyverse, WWE, The Masked Singer, and more. 


Created by Push Entertainment, CIRKAY brings two decades’ experience of eCommerce and innovation for leading global brands and creators. Co-founder of Push Entertainment, Simon Scott has worked at the forefront of music technology dating back to Daft Punk’s ground breaking Daft Club.

Bringing digital fan clubs into the Web3 era, CIRKAY allows musicians and creators complete creative control over the content they share with their fans and followers under the state of the art protection provided by the Blockchain. This low-cost and energy efficient solution empowers creators to reward their true fans and monetise their creative artefacts in a scalable way. 

CIRKAY Fan Pass allows fans to access exclusive content, experiences, and authenticate their identity & status as a fan across various spaces on the internet, in the  metaverse and IRL. The Fan Pass can be sold from most existing artist ecommerce stores and can be updated over time. Cirkay supports Metamask, Shopify and more to be announced.

CIRKAY is a member of the OCC retail panel and as such are able to report chart compliant sales from our service. Our Fan Pass is also chart qualifying when used as a digital bundle sold with a physical or digital album from an artist’s ecommerce store.

CIRKAY holds a publishing licence from the MCPS. This allows them to sell digital music and then pay full mechanical royalties to the MCPS for them to forward to the publishers for onward distribution to the songwriters and composers

CIRKAY Fan Pass technology is currently only available to select creators, visit for more information and to register your interest.


NOWHERE is an innovative face-to-face social platform empowering memorable metaverse experiences in stunning three-dimensional environments, delivering the most realistic feeling of being present online. This web-based platform removes the barrier to entry, so all are welcome in this Web3 platform to connect and engage. Go to a music festival in outer space, mingle in an art gallery, watch a film premiere in a theatre, network on a rooftop overlooking NYC, the potential for hosting legendary events in NOWHERE are limitless. See NOWHERE in action here or explore NOWHERE now.


Eluvio is the content blockchain for the creator economy. The Eluvio Content Fabric is a utility blockchain network for owner-controlled storage, distribution, and monetization of digital content at scale. It provides live and file-based content publishing, transcoding, packaging, sequencing, and dynamic and static distribution, and minting of derivative NFTs for all ranges of content experiences. Customers of Eluvio include FOX, MGM Studios, SONY Pictures, and others. Eluvio LIVE, powered by the Eluvio Content Fabric, provides ticketed streaming events and media marketplaces from global artists including the Black Eyed Peas, Dolly Parton, Rita Ora, and others. Eluvio is led by Emmy Award-winning technologists, Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, founders and inventors of Aspera, a pioneer in digital video transport technology that was acquired by IBM, and a core team of innovators. Based in Berkeley, California, Eluvio has received numerous industry awards including the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award by the Hollywood Professional Association. More at:  

By storing the content on the Eluvio blockchain it is kept securely protected and also dramatically reduces the network storage and usage requirements of today’s traditional streaming and distribution systems. The Eluvio Content Fabric’s blockchain uses an eco-friendly “proof-of-authority” consensus, which avoids the high energy consumption used in computational “proof-of-work” blockchains. More details here.

For instance, CIRKAY’s first Digital Box Set NFT grants the owner access to exclusive content from The Amazons including unseen animated photos from the band’s archives, demo clips of upcoming singles, handwritten lyric artwork and an exclusive track by track analysis from the band which will all be accessible by simply clicking media channels that are embedded within their NFT. The content drops will be spread over the months leading up to the album release, with the first drop of content available immediately once the owner mints their NFT.